Bell Buckle Park Equipment Installation Bid Due by 11/30/18

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October 21, 2018
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November 7, 2018
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Bell Buckle Park Equipment Installation Bid Due by 11/30/18

The Town of Bell Buckle is soliciting bids for the installation of exercise equipment at Bell Buckle Park.


To be installed: leg press machine, lat pull down machine, chest press machine, horizontal chin-up, freestanding sign, balance board, and interlocking plastic playground border pieces. Also 12” deep playground mulch.


The town will provide the exercise equipment components including all hardware, border pieces and connection stakes, and mulch. Bid will include all labor and concrete. Approximately 2/3 cubic foot of concrete will be required for 11 holes, each 1′ diameter, 2′ deep. Bidder must drill those holes and provide the equipment to do so.


Go to the Ultra Site website catalog and scroll through to get an idea of what this entails. The catalog photos are NOT images of the exact installation we are proposing. They will give an idea of what the equipment is like.


Our installation area will be a 24′ x 36′ square. It is level and grass covered. No ground prep will be necessary. Mulch will be placed over the grass.


There is truck access to the installation site.


Bids must be received by email no later than 11/30/2018.


Send bids to


Project director is John Anderson, Bell Buckle Park Board



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